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Poster: beep* Date: May 5, 2012 2:49pm
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: for Gen X and the rest of you critters

Thanks Gen.
Well, I'll check out those films you list and see what I can do. They all look like fun ones.

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Poster: Gen Xavier Date: May 6, 2012 2:48am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: for Gen X and the rest of you critters

In case you missed it, I added info and a link for your new version on my upload page (like I did with your first project) to let people know your new project was available for viewing and encouraging them to do so.

This second effort (Dream) is markedly different from your first (Dreyfus) - as well it should be, they are very different projects requiring individual treatments.

Dreyfus was more of a score to set the undertone of the serial. It worked very well, creating the environment the viewer could immerse themselves in without distracting from the piece. It's a good effort of drama and intrigue. Dream, however, is a horse of another colour; often requiring those "Foley Artist" details that so many people never aim for (or aim for and horribly miss) and you captured the comedic aspects very well with both sound and timing.

I watched both works and thought to myself "What else can he do?" and this handful of films immediately sprung to mind. Here's how the thought process worked for me:

Le Tripot Clandestin: I'm interested to see how the Foley Artist in you would handle the action sequences here, which elements you'd tinge with comedy touches, what your choices for effects would be and how you'd time it. This is not a well known film, which I think is a shame as it's a clever peice, and it was (and arguably is) a tad controversial due to the subject matter.

La Colle Universelle: I'm curious to know which angle you'd take for the comedy in this one. There's an obvious route and many not-so-obvious treatment choices you could make. Many people have done it and they've done a decent job. I think you could do better. In fact, I think you might just be able to do it justice.

Le Voyage de Gulliver: Now this is a fantasy adventure piece based on classic literature and I confess I wonder what approach you'd take for your treatment of it. Would you choose a more traditional approach, or something different altogether? Also, would you add effects and, if so, would they be delicately layered (folded, undertone) or more pronounced (as in Dream)? I'd be interested to see if you take a more typical fairy tale approach and run with it, or if you choose to take a more adult-oriented approach to this one.

El Hotel Eléctrico: This film has both the comedy and fantasy of "Dream" without the "trip-like" strangeness. It's brand of crazy comes from surprise and whimsy instead. When I watch this piece, I see the director dreaming about the future and technology. I see the happiness and I also see fears and hesitation buried in the stop-motion. What will you see? I was curious to know what your choices for this film would be. It could become a sound effects feature or it could be made into something else altogether. I wonder what you'd choose...

Ah! La Barbe: A comedic, charming short, this is the kind of film most people merely cut their teeth on because they mistakenly believe short will be easy, often slapping on a decent soundtrack to enhance the viewing alone. However, I think it deserves special treatment and proper attention, and I'd like to see what you would do with it as you seem to treat every piece, no matter its length, like a feature film.

I may seem random but there's a method here. I hope at least one of these films inspires you. After all, you inspire me and I'm fairly certain that's the way this should work. I download every piece you make for me.

Nous sommes bénis par les Muses,

Gen :)

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